The Towers Board of Directors

In 1919, a small but very enlightened group of Masons got together and decided that the Scottish Rite facilities located in the old James St. Masonic Temple were inadequate and that there was a need for a permanent home for the Scottish Rite in Hamilton. This group consisted of twenty-four individuals and through their combined efforts were able to raise in excess of 563,500.00. On June 11, 1920 the ownership of the Tuckett Estate including the dwelling house stables and grounds 2as transferred from the Estate Trustees to Towers Limited for the sum of $55,100.00.

Towers Limited, the corporation that holds the Scottish Rite property, received its Letters of Patent on April 73,1920. The Tuckett home was known as "The Towers" and this was the origin of the "Towers" name. The original members of the Board of Directors of Towers Limited were F. J. Howell, Honorary President, G. Moore, President, W.H. Davis, Vice President, W.M. Logan, Secretary, C.W. Cartwright, Treasurer, L.F. Stephens, Chairman Finance Committee, G.R. Lloyd, Chairman Campaign Committee, A.M.Cunningham, Chairman Building Committee, J.G. Gauld, D.G. Mcllwraith, F.J. Maw, and G. H. Levy. Towers Limited was superseded by Towers lnc. on December 31, !973. Today, the Towers Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and eight additional Directors. The Administrative Secretary is not a voting member of the Towers Board.

Cowans and Intruders or Cowans...

"The term Intruder or Eavesdropper is not a peculiar Masonic expression although when used with the word Cowan it becomes so"

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Tim Horton

Bro. Tim Horton hockey legend and founder of the donut chain bearing his name. He passed away 44 years ago today on February 21, 1974.

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Towers Annual General Meeting

Towers Incorporated held its Annual Meeting on Wednesday December 20, 2017. The meeting was held in the Main Dining Room at 4 Queen Street...

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Scottish Rite History

This "Scottish Rite History" appears under the Education and Enlightenment section of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite website. With...

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William Mercer Wilson

"In Flanders Fields"