Learning Centre for Hamilton

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation, Learning Centre for Children is endeavoring to establish a learning centre in the Hamilton area to help Dyslexic children.

There is no single factor that can be used to identify Dyslexia. Usually a child with normal intelligence capabilities will show difficulties with several of the following: reading comprehension, single word identifications, expressing thoughts verbally or in writing; handwriting, spoken language, or understanding the spoken word. As our present schooling systems aren’t funded to support the programs necessary to assist these children in desperate need of help, we have thus far, established eight Learning Centres across Canada. We felt it was time the children in the Golden Horseshoe received the same benefits as the rest of the country, given the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation is located in Hamilton. The following is a link to take you to the website of the proposed Hamilton Centre, intended to address additional questions about Dyslexia. http://dyslexiacentrehamilton.com/index.htm

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre for Children is dedicated to improving the lives of children diagnosed with Dyslexia, with quality state-of-the-art, tutoring, free of charge, to those with difficulties in reading and writing. As you might appreciate, this is a huge undertaking that requires considerable funding, and an equal amount of effort by a group of dedicated volunteers, that sincerely care about helping Dyslexic children.

Time is Running Out

November 19th is but a few short weeks away. All proceeds for this charitable event are going to help children with Dyslexia.

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R U a Director?

As a teacher you learn invaluable skills on how to teach a child to accomplish a task he never knew possible.

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She's being dressed up.

The Old Girl at 148 George St. Hamilton, is being slowly transformed into a young vibrant Classy Lady.

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The House is under Doctors Care

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation, Learning Centre for Hamilton, has taken control for the well being of the home at 148 George St...

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The Place is Haunted

The Brain Rewired

The Approach