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Any member of the Hamilton Valley of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada can create a Blog Post of News Story about their Craft Lodge.  Share information from lodge meetings, special events, photographs, significant milestones for the lodge or individual masons etc.
These submissions can only be made by a member of the Valley of Hamilton.

Dundurn Lodge No. 475 Official...

On Monday, March 5th R. W. Bro. Eric Marshall made is Official Visit to Dundurn Lodge No. 475.

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W. Bro. John Scott installed as...

On Tuesday, February 20th W. Bro. John Scott was Installed as Master of Waterdown Lodge.

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The Barton Lodge's Robbie Burns...

The Barton Lodge' Robbie Burns Dinner and Dance.

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Claude M. Kent Installation

Claude M. Kent No. 681 Officers, Installing Board and Grand Lodge Officers.

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Robert Burns as a Freemason